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Stainless steels are a very good choice for structural applications. Articles and case studies on these applications can be found in this area of the website.

Information center for stainless steel in construction

This resource will lead you to essential technical information about the use of stainless steel in construction. You will be able to find more information about:

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  • Design
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  • Research
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Structural stainless steel case studies

Team Stainless sponsored a series of Structural Stainless Steel Case Studies, which were written by the Steel Construction Institute. The following case studies were done (clicking on the language will open the case study):

Design manual for structural stainless steel

A very comprehensive manual based on a European joint work for designers of stainless steel structures. Includes practical advice on fabrication an design examples.

Download the manual
Structural stainless steel design guide

Design Guide 27, Structural Stainless Steel, provides guidance for the design of structural stainless steel. It is written for engineers experienced in the design of carbon steel structural components but not necessarily in the design of stainless steel structures, and is aligned with the design provisions in the 2010 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings. It applies to the design of structural hot-rolled or welded open sections such as I-shaped members, channels, and equal-leg angles. It also applies to rectangular and round hollow structural sections (HSS). The guidance provided is applicable to austenitic, duplex and precipitation hardening stainless steel structural sections with thickness 1/8 in. (3 mm) and greater. Major topics covered are material behavior and selection, cross-section design, member design, connections, and fabrication. Design Examples are also included.
Source: American Institute for Steel Construction

This resource is not free.

Download the guide here
Stainless steel reinforced concrete: a durable choice

Technical paper from the cement together with the stainless steel industry, describing the advantages of stainless steel reinforced concrete.

This resource is in French.

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Stainless steel rebar

The use of stainless steel rebar in concrete is becoming more important today. Stainless steel provides long and maintenance-free life of structures, as it resists corrosion from aggressive environments. Cedinox just published a book which presents scientific research techniques as well as case studies of applications of stainless steel reinforced concrete.
Source: Cedinox

This resource is in Spanish.

Download the book here
Structural applications of ferritic stainless steels

Despite many attractive characteristics, ferritic stainless steel is currently under-used in the construction industry due to a lack of reliable information relating to structural behaviour. A three year pan-European project was completed in 2014 which studied the structural performance of ferritic stainless steels. The objectives of the project were:

  • To develop Eurocode-aligned structural guidance for ferritic grades not previously studied but which were identified as being appropriate for structural use;
  • To study construction-relevant aspects of structural design and corrosion resistance which have not been studied before (e.g. the performance of structural joints, structural fire resistance, corrosion performance of welded and bolted joints etc.); and
  • To examine the structural performance and temperature regulation effects of ferritic stainless steel decking in a composite floor system.

The SAFSS project, which included material and member testing as well as analytical and numerical studies, provided practitioners with useful performance data and design guidance so that ferritic stainless steels can be specified in structures with confidence. The project was, in general, limited to developing guidance relevant to these applications involving material less than 6 mm thick in both welded and bolted construction. Five ferritic grades were studied, with varying levels of corrosion resistance (and cost).

This project was carried out with financial support from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel of the European Community and the International Chromium Development Association.

For more information, please contact Nancy Baddoo at the Steel Construction Institute (

All project reports and a summary report can be found here
Stainless steel and glass

The examples presented in this brochure show the interplay of stainless steel and glass - two materials that are so different yet, because of their special characteristics, wonderfully complementary.

This brochure is available in Czech, Dutch, English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish [clicking on the language will download the pdf]

When new meets old

Stainless Steel in Renovation and Renewal

The challenge of preserving the old while creating the new is giving rise to some exciting new architectural achievements. Firmly embedded within this balance between innovation and tradition is stainless steel - in structural applications such as cables or profiles, where its strength allows open, wide-span constructions, and as cladding covering surfaces on the inside and outside of buildings. The collection of examples shown in this Euro Inox brochure takes a broad view of the theme New Meets Old. It includes historic buildings where careful intervention has rescued them from decline and preserved them for future generations. But the spectrum of bold, innovative solutions with stainless steel also encompasses more modern buildings from the second half of the last century which are increasingly falling short of modern requirements.

This brochure is available in English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish [clicking on the language will open the pdf]

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