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Activities of the worldstainless committees

worldstainless has six working committees:

Committee on Market Development
Promotion and market development have been the most important functions of worldstainless since it was established in 1996. The cornerstones of the association's market-development policy are knowledge and information. worldstainless aims to grow the overall market for stainless steel and to promote the use of appropriate grades for individual applications. This goal is achieved through education (of both stainless specialists and the general public) and by promoting stainless steel and its potential applications to decision makers.

Committee on Health and Safety
Health concerns is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. worldstainless is committed to assess the health impact of the manufacture and use of stainless steel. This information is passed on to the stainless steel community worldwide so that worldstainless members can deliver fact-based, coherent messages to local regulators, customers and project partners.
The safety of the staff and contractors who work in the stainless steel industry is a key priority. Today, the industry’s safety performance is at benchmark levels worldwide. The Committee collects and spreads information on safety in the industry.

Committee on Sustainability
Climate Change is a very important part of environmental protection. worldstainless is very active in this area together with worldsteel and the stainless steel industry’s most important raw material supplier organisations. The objective is to reduce emissions by higher process efficiency, more recycling and a growing usage of durable (no corrosion), high strength (low weight) stainless steels.

Committee on Economics and Statistics
worldstainless is the voice of the world stainless steel industry, ensuring that its views are presented in a forceful, consistent and coordinated way to policymakers, the business and financial communities and the general public. Accurate and up-to-date information and statistics are essential tools to achieve this aim.
Through its Committee on Economics and Statistics, worldstainless collects detailed economic and statistical data on the stainless steel sector. The information is disseminated to worldstainless members, to the industry, and to the general public via media contacts around the world, the website, and the worldstainless Extranet.

Committee on Long Products
The Long Products Committee focuses on product-specific issues. This includes market statistics and market development activities for long products. Both of these areas require long product specialists. The Long Products Committee cooperates with other worldstainless committees for stainless steel or product-neutral issues (such as health and environment, general statistics and certain market sector analyses).

Committee on Raw Materials
The Raw Materials Committee studies mega-trends and developments in the markets for stainless steel raw materials relating to the availability and quality of raw materials for the production of stainless steel, allowing members to achieve greater efficiencies and improve their product offerings.

Annual Conference

The annual conference of worldstainless is held each year, normally in May. The conference brings together the heads of the world’s major stainless steel enterprises and national and regional associations. Approximately 90 chairmen, chief executive officers and other senior managers of worldstainless member companies attend. Previous conferences have been held in:

  • worldstainless-27 Brussels, Belgium 2023
  • ISSF-26 webmeeting, 2022
  • ISSF-25 webmeeting, 2021
  • ISSF-24 webmeeting, 2020
  • ISSF-23 Chicago, USA 2019
  • ISSF-22 Shanghai, China 2018
  • ISSF-21 Tokyo, Japan 2017
  • ISSF-20 Helsinki, Finland 2016
  • ISSF-19 Hong Kong 2015
  • ISSF-18 Rome, Italy 2014
  • ISSF-17 New Orleans, USA 2013
  • ISSF-16 Beijing, China 2012
  • ISSF-15 Madrid, Spain 2011
  • ISSF-14 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010
  • ISSF-13 Hong Kong 2009
  • ISSF-12 Paris, France 2008
  • ISSF-11 Kyoto, Japan 2007
  • ISSF-10 Louisville, USA 2006
  • ISSF-9 Helsinki, Finland 2005
  • ISSF-8 Seoul, Korea 2004
  • ISSF-7 Berlin, Germany 2003
  • ISSF-6 Sun City, South Africa 2002
  • ISSF-5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2001
  • ISSF-4 Yokohama, Japan 2000
  • ISSF-3 Pittsburgh, USA 1999
  • ISSF-2 Madrid, Spain 1998
  • ISSF-1 Seoul, Korea 1997
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