Social sustainability

The material, in its use or in its production process, respects the human being, especially in terms of health and safety. A sustainable material does not harm the people working to produce it, or the people who handle it during its use, recycling and ultimate disposal.

Stainless steel is not harmful to people during either its production or use. A protective layer forms naturally on all stainless steels because of the inclusion of chromium. The passive layer protects the steel from corrosion - ensuring a long life. As long as the correct grade of stainless is selected for an application, the steel remains inert and harmless to the people who handle it and the environment. These characteristics have made stainless steel the primary material in medical, food processing, household and catering applications.

A sustainable stainless steel industry is about all of us. Stainless steel adds value to our lives through the jobs it creates. The safety of our staff and contractors is the key priority for the stainless steel industry. Today, the industry’s safety performance is at benchmark levels worldwide.

Stainless steel also improves our lives by making technical advances possible. Without stainless steel, the installations that provide us with clean drinking water, food and medication would not be nearly as hygienic and efficient as they are.

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