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Once regarded as a very expensive material for everyday articles in the home and office, stainless steel has emerged in recent years as highly desirable and yet easily affordable. As the cost of stainless steel, in relation to that of competing materials, has reduced progressively over the years, so designers and manufacturers have exploited its attractive properties to provide all of us with countless functional products for use indoors and outdoors.

Examples which come readily to mind are the kitchen sink and the humble saucepan. Stainless steel has become the material of choice for these applications and is no longer accessible only to the “high-end” consumer.

While sinks and tableware provided the introduction to stainless steel for many consumers, these were quickly followed by cutlery and tableware and, more recently, by ranges, ovens, work-surfaces and mixing appliances.

This library section will not only illustrate how stainless steel is improving the appearance and functionality of our kitchens but also why its special hygienic properties help protect the purity and safety of our food.

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