Environmental sustainability

The emission footprints of the material, especially those related to carbon, water and air, are minimised. Reuse and recyclability are at high levels. The material has low maintenance costs and a long life, both key indicators that the impact of the material on the planet is at the lowest levels possible. 

Stainless steels are easily recycled to produce more stainless steels and this process can be carried on indefinitely. It is estimated that about 95% of stainless steels are recycled at the end of their life. As stainless steel has a high intrinsic value, it is collected and recycled without any economic incentives from the public purse.

Taking into account its entire lifecycle, stainless steel has one of the lightest impacts on the Earth of all known engineering materials. And at the end of its long life, all stainless steel can be recycled to create new stainless that is as strong and long-lasting as the original.

Choosing stainless steel for an application ensures that it will be produced in a responsible way, have low maintenance costs during its long life and that it will be reused indefinitely because it is easy to recycle without loss of quality. Click here for more details.

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