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Sustainable development is one of the key issues of the 21st century. Urban planners are therefore looking into sustainable solutions for street furniture. Stainless steel is a durable, safe, hygienic material and has low maintenance cost. We believe stainless steel is the sustainable solution for street furniture.

Stainless steels in urban furniture

New building developments must meet advanced standards set by local and central governments which are designed to ensure that materials are capable of being re-cycled without damaging the environment and without the need for potentially harmful landfill sites. Among the more sustainable materials that can be used is stainless steel. This material is durable, aesthetically pleasing, safe, hygienic, and its high strength to weight ratio means that thinner gauges may be specified without sacrificing strength.

Stainless steel is the ideal solution in a wide range of urban applications, including the Architecture, Building and Construction (ABC) sector of the market as well as sculptures and other forms of urban art and street furniture. The low maintenance requirements of this material and its extended life make it an attractive option for urban authorities which require cost-effective long-term solutions. This brochure is an exhibition of contemporary ideas from around the world, with descriptions of each example and details of locations and material suppliers.

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Why Melbourne changed their street furniture to stainless steel

On Monday 17 October 2022, Ian Dryden from the City of Melbourne visited the worldstainless Offices in Brussels and spoke to Research Fellow, Frank Sukjun Yoon and Secretary-General, Tim Collins about the whys and how’s of choosing stainless steels for the street furniture in Melbourne.

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New lasting urban furniture with stainless steels

Whenever we walk on the street, we can easily see benches, bus stops, waste bins, streetlamps, ... In many cases, street furniture is made of plastic, wood, and/or carbon steel. Many street furniture manufacturers and the municipalities who purchase from them tend to believe these are a more cost efficient option than stainless steels. 

This webinar illustrates the true financial and sustainable benefits of stainless steels in street furniture applications using real world examples. In one hour, you will learn the true cost of buying cheap. Two experts in the field explain why stainless steel urban furniture is a sustainable solution at all times.

This webinar has ended. You can watch are recording here.

Stainless steel benches are ideal for prominent public areas. Because no coatings are used, there are no finishes to scratch off or damage, which makes these items particularly vandal resistant and virtually maintenance free.

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Careful attention should be applied to material selection when it comes to fences. Offering the same performance as other materials, but requiring less maintenance and a superior useful life, stainless steel is the material of choice.

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Street lights

Because the quality of the lamp pole of the street lamp will directly affect the service life of the lamp post, stainless steel is recommended for this type of application. It will last longer than other materials, giving an excellent service life and look aesthetically pleasing.

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Shelters provide weather protection and security to users. When they are in good condition they can also contribute to the image of a city when they look in good condition. Stainless steel shelters are low-maintenance and have a long service-life; making the investment worthwhile.

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Bicycle stands

Durability, weather resistance, appearance, and functionality are extremely important factors when choosing the material of the bike rack. Stainless steel has maximum corrosion protection, is hygienic, and has a glossy appearance that is easy to clean and maintain.

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Stainless steel bins are worth the investment, because they are durable and long-lasting. The material is hygienic and odours will spread less easily.

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Other street furniture

Stainless steels can be used for all kinds of street furniture. Different examples can be found below.

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Art in the city

Art in the urban space enriches our physical environment, bringing streets, squares, buildings, schools, ... to life. Many artists have sculptures made from stainless steels, because of the many advantages the material has.

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