Why Use Stainless Steel Fasteners? The Compelling Case

Published 02 November 2022

Stainless steels are being increasingly used in construction both for fabricated structures and modular structures. Furthermore, stainless steels are becoming a primary material of choice for internal elements within buildings. The range of stainless steels uses within buildings includes wall cladding, handrails and barriers, doors and walkways. The primary reasons for choosing stainless steels in these applications include hygiene factors, a long service life (>100 years) with zero or minimal maintenance and a low life-cycle costs compared to alternative material choices. Stainless steels also provide an opportunity to both reduce co-materials and design installations with complimentary materials that provide a stylish and timeless appearance.

It is vitally important that appropriate stainless steel fixings and fasteners are always used in conjunction with primary stainless steel components in order to avoid future undesired outcomes which can include;

  1. Galvanic corrosion
  2. Pitting corrosion
  3. Crevice corrosion

In this context ‘appropriate stainless steel fixings’ means products that have an appropriate chemical analysis for the application and suitable mechanical properties to ensure long-term robustness of each installation.

Join expert speaker Tim Collins, worldstainless Secretary-General to understand more about stainless steel fixings and fasteners in order to design and use stainless steels in structures and installations with confidence.

This webinar has ended. You can watch a recording here.

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