Stainless steel: your partner in hygiene

Published 24 February 2022

Over the last 100 years the notion of ‘making available to everybody’ a high level of hygiene in their personal environment, in safe food and drinks preparation, in medical services and in public infrastructure has been a big achievement. Stainless steels have played a significant role in this process. The bright and easy-to-clean surfaces make it quite obvious that stainless steel is a material for a healthier life. But what makes stainless steel your partner in hygiene? Discover it in the latest stainless steel webinar.

Presenter: Tim Collins, ISSF Secretary-General


  • An introduction to stainless steels
  • What makes stainless steels hygienic?
  • Stainless steels in food and drinks preparation
  • Stainless steels in healthcare
  • Stainless steels in the public environment
  • Cleaning stainless steels
  • Common misunderstandings and pitfalls
  • Summary
  • Q&A

This webinar has ended. A recording is available from YouTube. Click here. Please contact Jo Claes ( if you would like to receive the presentation file.

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