Stainless steel sustainability evaluation

When checking the sustainability credentials of stainless steels, the following can be observed:

  1. Stainless steel is 100% and infinitely recyclable
  2. Stainless steels on average have 75%+ recycled content in Europe and the USA, 31% in China and 60% elsewhere
  3. Stainless steels have an operating life of at least 110 years with zero or minimal maintenance
  4. Because stainless steel is both reusable and recyclable, it is avoided being sent to landfill at the end of operational life
  5. Stainless steel can be very easily salvaged and reused and the global supply chain to do this is firmly in place
  6. Since the material does not need any coatings, is has zero emissions when in use
  7. Stainless steel helps improve indoor air quality since no VOCs are needed nor emitted. The material does not support bacterial or virus growth
  8. Due to zero need for any protective or antibacterial coatings the use of toxic materials is avoided
  9. Stainless steel reflective panels add natural light, avoiding the need for artificial light
  10. Stainless steel can extend the life of co-materials, reducing the overall quantity needed
  11. Using stainless steel saves energy in the production of co-materials (less co-materials needed) and operational energy loss (reduction in heat loss due to the reflective benefit and reduction in maintenance needs)
  12. Stainless steels can help conserve water in the form of non-leaking seismic water lines and water tanks


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