ISSF and Sustainability

The International Stainless Steel Forum and its members are committed to a sustainable world.

Sustainable Stainless Charter of the world stainless steel industry

The members of the International Stainless Steel Forum adhere to the following principles on sustainability:

  • We operate our business efficiently and in a financially sustainable way, to supply stainless steel products and solutions that satisfy customer’s needs and provide value to stakeholders
  • We strive to optimise the eco-efficiency of products throughout their life cycle. We promote the recovery, reuse and recycling of stainless steel.
  • We foster the well-being of employees and provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • We promote values and initiatives that show respect for the people and communities associated with our business
  • We conduct our business with high ethical standards in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and the community.
  • We engage our stakeholders and independent third parties in constructive dialogue to help fulfil our sustainable development commitments.
  • We build and share our knowledge of sustainability through open and active communications. We help others in the supply chain to implement sustainable practices.
ISSF Safety and Sustainability Awards

Every year the ISSF awards members for good practices and novel ideas in the areas of safety and sustainability.

The ISSF introduced a Safety Award Programme which invited members to submit good ideas from their Safety Programmes. Those good ideas are circulated among other members, following the simple premise that everyone can learn from the mistakes or accidents of others. The winners have the benefit of peer recognition and a Certificate which can be used in their own publications. Everyone who submits an entry is recognised by having their entry included in the ISSF Annual Safety Awards Report.

In 2019, the following safety projects were awarded:

  • Gold Award: Aperam – for the “leave your phone in your locker!” project (click here)
  • Silver Award: Outokumpu – for the material loading and unloading improvements (click here) and
    NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation – for the activities to establish heatstroke-free workplaces (click here)
  • Bronze Award:  Acerinox S.A. – for the use of the exoskeleton to prevent injuries (click here)

Where it was once sufficient to show you did not discharge hazardous waste to water air or land; and to show you recycled and used recycled scrap; and to show you measured your CO2 emissions; now the scope of sustainability is widening year by year.

To provide a platform from which best practices can be circulated, and to inspire deeper thought about these issues, the ISSF surveys its membership every year about best practices in Sustainability. 

The following projects were awarded in 2019:

  • Gold Award: North American Stainless – for the AOD dust reuse (click here)
  • Silver Award: Bahru Stainless – for recovering metal and treating it as value added metal ingots (click here)
  • Bronze Award: Nippon Yakin Kogyo – for the implementation of energy saving by an insulated gate bipolar transistor element (click here)


For all entries, please click here.

For the entries of previous years, please click on the year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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