WEBINAR: Stainless Flexible Service Lines

Published 07 May 2021

A durable, fit-and-forget solution to water loss

Presenter: Dr. Nicole Kinsman, Technical Director of the International Molybdenum Association, partner in Team Stainless

In cooperation with the International Water Association

Leakage from water distribution systems is a significant problem in many cities. Water scarcity, high water cost, increase in population, droughts and climate change are key drivers to addressing the problem in many of the world’s areas. It is often overlooked that the majority of leakage originates from service pipe connections. Type 316 stainless steel service lines were introduced as a solution for leakage in Japan around 1980. This solution is also helping other large Asian cities to significantly reduce leakage and annual maintenance cost. Tokyo, for example, reduced its water loss from 15% to 3% after it replaced nearly all its service pipes over a twenty-year period.
Compared to the initial situation, Tokyo Bureau of Water Works realizes savings of hundreds of millions of dollars per year by reducing water loss and repair jobs. More generally, cost reductions also arise from reduced process and pumping energy, wastewater treatment and follow-on cost such as road cave-ins and traffic disruptions. Stainless steel exhibits a number of advantages that particularly contribute to this success: it is hygienic, strong, corrosion resistant, freeze-thaw resistant and impermeable to hydrocarbons.

This webinar has ended. You can watch the recording here. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions at teamstainless@issf.org

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