ISSF Webinar: Understanding Corrosion

Published 01 September 2020

Material decay and corrosion are natural processes. Almost all materials will in one way or another decay over time. The effects of corrosion in our daily lives can be seen both in our households, but also in the infrastructure we use to e.g. travel from home to work or school and in the industrial facilities that produce what we need to have comfortable and healthy lives.

Even materials, which we believe to be resistant to corrosion like stainless steels, do corrode in certain circumstances. To protect materials from corrosion we first have to understand why it occurs after which we can find solutions to avoid it as much as possible.

Avoiding corrosion means we can save costs and in extreme situations even save lives.

Webinar details


  • How do we consider material decay and corrosion?
  • Delaying or preventing material decay?
  • Corrosion types in Stainless Steels
  • The corrosion timeline
  • Preventing corrosion; the key considerations


Date and time
Thursday 24 September 2020

This webinar has ended. If you missed it, feel free to watch the video:
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