ISSF announces winners of the Stainless Industry Awards in a webinar

Published 19 May 2020

Brussels, 19 May 2020 – the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has announced the winners of their Awards in the New Technology, New Development, Safety and Sustainability categories during a webinar which replaced the traditional ceremony. Due to the global pandemic, the winners have not received their plaques personally, but they will be sent to them.

Best New Technology Award

In this Award category the Jury was looking to recognise original concepts that make significant contributions in either the production methods for stainless steels or for the application of stainless steels in service.

Gold Award

Columbus Stainless, for the Turnkey Modular factory cabins (click here)

Silver Award

POSCO, for the Baffle integrated stainless steel fuel tank for PHEVs (click here)

Bronze Award

Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation, for the high performance stainless steel surface mounting technology (SMT) (click here)

Best New Development Award

In this category the jury is looking for highly original concepts that promote bespoke stainless grades, have a significant global market potential and offer strong environmental improvements in terms of preservation of scarce resources and/or reduction of GHGs and/or reduction in lifetime maintenance costs.

Gold Award

POSCO, for the stainless steel airtight container (click here)

Silver Award

Australian Stainless Steel Development Association, for the Murray Irrigation PIIOP Round 3 project (click here)

Bronze Awards

POSCO, for the stainless steel wave water tank (click here)

Aperam, for the stainless steel anemometric tower for measuring wind speeds (click here)

Safety Awards

For awarding companies in the safety section, the jury looked for practical innovations to reduce the number of safety incidents in the workplace, develop transferrable countermeasures to avoid specific types and develop workers skills to directly reduce the number of safety incidents.

Gold Award

Outokumpu, for the “Hands are not tools” project (click here)

Silver Award

Aperam, for the “Think outside of your Chair” project (click here)

Bronze Awards

Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation, for the introduction of safety passages and blind spot cameras in their outdoor loading area (click here)

JFE Steel Corporation, for the use of safety training facilities (click here)

Sustainability Awards

In this final category, the jury was looking for new developments that delivered one or more of the following improvements: a clear reduction in operational emissions (GHGs), a clear reduction in production energy intensity, an improvement in material efficiency, an investment in new processes and/or products that have a positive environmental impact, the development or enhancement of the company environmental management system.

Gold Award

North American Stainless, for the Development of ceramics (click here)

Silver Award

Outokumpu, for the Recycled household plastics to improve slabs storage (click here)

Bronze Award

Acerinox, for the Emission reduction improving office lightning by applying new technologies (click here)


ISSF congratulates all Awards Winners and hopes the winning and other case studies will inspire others. All case studies have been published in two brochures, one on New Applications (click here) and one on Safety and Sustainability (click here).

The video announcing the winners has been uploaded onto YouTube (click here).

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