A New Era for the International Stainless Steel Forum

Published 04 October 2019

As we approach the dawn of a new decade, I would like to extend my warm wishes to all ISSF members and visitors as I now take up the reins as Secretary-General of the association. My predecessor, John Rowe has steered the ISSF over the last seven years with both enthusiasm and professional diligence which provides an excellent platform from which to further develop the primary aims of the ISSF. I am indeed very grateful to John for his guidance and support during our recent handover period.

For those of us heavily involved in the stainless steels industry, we know we have a remarkable family of fully recyclable alloys, that display an exceptional range of properties. Our products are suitable for applications across many usage sectors. Whether used in domestic applications or aerospace, stainless steels are not just highly functional and hygienic alloys, they offer outstanding lifetime characteristics and a unique appeal that remains modern, timeless and aesthetically pleasing.

Within the ISSF we need to drive our efforts in supporting the industry-wide development of health, safety and environmental practices and standards. It is critical that we also continue the identification and development of new market opportunities for our existing and new products. One of the exceptional characteristics of stainless steels is that, when correctly specified, they all exhibit low maintenance requirements throughout long service lives. Equally we cannot overlook the importance of education about our products. We must continue to strengthen our education programs and strive to reach a wider audience of customers (old and new), designers, material specifiers and the general public. Whilst the first three of these groups form part of our industry DNA, the latter group are able to play an increasingly important role in demanding stainless steels, particularly through the exploitation of social media channels.

Furthermore, it is important that the ISSF cements its position as the global spokesbody for the stainless steels industry and continues to be a strong advocate in the promotion of life-cycle thinking aligned to efficient stainless steel solutions.

So, as we look forward to this new era, let us sustain our future with stainless.

Tim Collins
International Stainless Steel Forum
Brussels, October 2019

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