The Forum and its work are governed by the ISSF Board, which meets twice a year. Elected by the members, the Board is composed of up to 18 members. The Board elects the Executive Committee which consists of the ISSF Chairman, four Vice Chairmen, the Treasurer and the Secretary-General and four other members. The Executive Committee meets one to two times a year.

The ISSF Officers for 2021-2022 are:

Name Company Function
Timoteo Di Maulo Aperam Chairman
Bernardo Velázquez Acerinox S.A. Vice Chairman
Akihiko Inoue NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corp. Vice Chairman
Jeong, Tak POSCO Vice Chairman
Xiang, Guangda TsingShan Group Member of the Executive Committee
Li, Hua China Baowu Steel Group Corp. Member of the Executive Committee
Johan Strydom Columbus Stainless Member of the Board
Takeshi Ishiguro Daido Steel Co. Ltd. Member of the Board
Yoshinori Sekiya JFE Steel Member of the Board
Cristobal Fuentes North American Stainless Member of the Board
Tim Collins ISSF Secretary-General
Edwin Basson World Steel Association Ex officio Member of the Board
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