Structural Stainless Steel Case Studies

Team Stainless sponsored a series of Structural Stainless Steel Case Studies, which were written by the Steel Construction Institute. The following case studies were done (clicking on the language will open the case study):

  1. Stonecutters bridge towers (English|Chinese)
  2. Cala Galdana Bridge (English|Chinese)
  3. Composite Floor at Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (English|Chinese)
  4. Armada Platform Accomodation Modules (English|Chinese)
  5. Siena Footbridge (English|Chinese)
  6. Masonry Support System at Big Wood School (English|Chinese)
  7. The Pavilion, Regent’s Place (English|Chinese)
  8. Thames Gateway Water Treatment Works (English|Chinese)
  9. New Beijing Poly Plaza Cable-Net Wall (English|Chinese)
  10. Schubert Club Band Shell (English|Chinese)
  11. Helix Pedestrian Bridge (English|Chinese)
  12. Parliament Library Building Domes (English|Chinese)

Published: 08/10/2012
Last modified: 08/10/2012

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