Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar

Unlike conventional steel rebar, stainless steel rebar does not corrode and is an ideal solution for harsh environments.

ISSF has several publications on reinforcing bar.

  • A website to raise awareness of the life cycle cost advantages of stainless steel reinforcement bar, compiled by an international group of experts. It provides answers to frequently asked technical questions. Numerous references show how public and private investors have made use of stainless steel reinforcement to enhance the durability of their concrete structures:
  • A flash presentation describing the advantages of using stainless steel rebar. See the animation.
  • A leaflet which answers some basic questions on stainless steel rebar:Why stainless steel reinforcing bar? What are the benefits? Is it cost-effective? Download the leaflet - available in English, Italian and Spanish.
  • Posters that give an overview of the why, when, where and how of stainless steel reinforcing bar. Download the posters - click here to open the pdf

Published: 11/05/2012
Last modified: 11/05/2012

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